Catering to unique and creative individuals, HEMNES provides handmade jewelry to those who seek beauty in the mundane.

HEMNES was founded in Los Angeles by designer and natural creative, Andrew Hemnes, who translates his fascination with the beauty of raw materials into handcrafted designs, creating a new breed of statement jewelry for the everyday.

Inspired by the contrast between natural materials and modern design, HEMNES fuses the traditional with the contemporary. Now located in the heart of Los Angeles, HEMNES seeks to provide curated, luxury jewelry that is designed and produced with transparency. At Hemnes, we make a conscious choice to stand up for what we believe in. That means that each HEMNES piece is the curated result of sourcing materials that don’t contribute to the devastation of our planet by having waste byproducts. After the materials are sourced, each piece is hand-made to order in Los Angeles. We believe that in hand-making each piece to order, we are created a personalized experience between the consumer and our brand. That’s what makes us stand apart.

HEMNES is all about functionality and variety. HEMNES jewelry is designed and sized for both men and women. We produce each item out of Stainless Steel, which means that it is extremely durable and you don’t have to worry about it tarnishing. Wear it in the shower. Wear it during your workout. Wear it everyday. Wear it for life.

HEMNES was not born from the sole intention of wanting to start a business, but instead was mindfully constructed to design beautifully-made jewelry for those who seek to stand out.

Welcome to HEMNES, join the story.