Product Care

Hemnes jewelry is handcrafted in Los Angeles, California using recycled precious metals, responsibly sourced in California. Precious metals are delicate elements and will naturally react to their surroundings. To reduce wear we recommend handling your jewelry with care and storing it in a cool and dry environment.

925 Sterling silver

925 sterling silver naturally acquires a patina from exposure to oxygen, sulfur particles in the air, and various chemicals, liquids, and substances from the skin. To preserve its finish, employ a reducing agent like a silver polishing cloth or a silver dip bath. In instances of significant oxidation, sterling silver jewelry can undergo replating with a new layer of fine silver to rejuvenate its original appearance.


We provide repair services for any Hemnes product, with costs and turnaround times assessed on a case-by-case basis. For further details, please reach out to

Can you shower or swim with our products?

Our pure silver products can be used under water without any problems.- Products bathed in silver can get wet, but we do not recommend bathing them daily as they can get damaged over time when they come in contact with soap or water itself. We do not recommend bathing in the sea with our products as salt deteriorates any type of jewelry.

Jewelry bathing is not guaranteed to last forever, depending on the amount of chemicals that the jewelry has been exposed, the pH of the skin and the sweat they each give off.

How to clean our jewelry?

To clean our jewelry, we recommend using Silver Cleaner Wipes and rubbing on the jewelry, so it regains the initial shine that can be lost when in contact with the PH of the skin.